Friday, March 16, 2012

Of Morphing and Poorly proportioned Avis...


Seriously folks, what is wrong with you people?
Ok, to decide which to attack, bemoan and/or complain about first, that is the real question.
Ok, let's run with title order:  Morphing

As an SL photographer I absolutely, without question, lacking any and all hesitation cannot abide MORPHING!
It cheapens the art of photography in Second Life, makes a mockery of Real Life and makes everyone look as if there's either something horrifically wrong with either one's viewer or worse yet, their vision! The proportions are all wrong, the coloring off, the body sizes and shapes grotesque!
...and speaking of grotesque! What is up with those avi's with no hips?, let me be more specific if I can. They have hips, but they have no pelvis! Wide-ass hips and no pelvis to hold their avi above their stupidly over-sized thighs or pencil thin, chicken legs!
Sure, I get it, it's SL. It's supposed to be a fantasy but if you're going to have a "human" avi would it really be too much to ask for you to at least have HUMAN proportions too...or at least the resemblance of human proportions in any case. Sure, my own avi is a bit off the "human proportions" chart being that she's 8 feet tall, but at least my hips, shoulders, pelvis, legs and even my ass are in direct correlation to the height. I don't look as if I'm some half-assed, not even done well, Americanized version of what can only be assumed to be some weird take on anime'. And has anyone else noticed these avi's all have stupid fat lips? Yeah, another twist on cartoons I assume.
I'm sorry if my rant offends anyone reading this but I just had to get it off my chest.
I go through the postings on the "Photography: Second Life" Facebook page and I just have to wonder how anyone can be proud of these looks. Or at least I guess they're a look of some sort.

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