Friday, January 20, 2012

The insanity of not knowing...

Waited for Royce to log on, he never did. Sent him a "G'night, sweet dreams" Text message, he never responded.
Going through my head now:

I hope he's ok
I hope I didn't piss him off (well I know I didn't but I can't help it going through my head)
I hope I didn't scare him off
I hope he didn't scare himself off
What The Fuck?!
Where the hell is he?
I hope he got some well deserved rest.
I wish he'd have said something if he wasn't going to show.
ETC ...

See, a lot goes through my head when someone doesn't show or at least call/txt. What's worse is that I said "good morning" yesterday, he sent back a ":)" and then nothing else all day.  Odd, even odder because he had made a big deal out of making sure I'd be home during the day so we could talk...and he never called.
Now I'm just plain worried.

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