Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Getting Fucked!

No, I don't mean coital bliss, well yes and no.  Ugh...tonight was just one of those nights.

Royce and I were mid-session and I get an IM from my boss telling me she is letting me go from the Dating Agency! WTF? Needless to say I needed a minute to myself. Royce was so sweet and caring. He stopped what we were doing and just held me. Knowing how angry I was he just let me be still, making sure I knew he was there the whole time.
I had quit working at Dirty Talk Voice Sex Lounge a few nights ago over having felt abused by other staff. Over the weekend Stephanie refused to speak to me. I knew she was pissed that I had walked out, but I was too far gone to call back this time.
Anyway, I'd sent her a notecard stating that although I had left the lounge I am more than willing and now more able to focus all my energy toward the Agency. She kept saying we needed to talk about direction and new promotions, but she also kept avoiding me. So, when the IM came through tonight I wasn't so much surprised as simply angry that she had avoided me all day instead of talking to me and waited until she knew damned well I was busy with Royce.
Immediately I removed myself from the Agency group, removed her and all staff of DT from my friends list. I was officially done. One less headache to worry about and now a big opportunity to move forward with my own work as a photographer!
Honestly, I'm not upset about losing the job as I am over how it was handled. Even so, I still see this as an opportunity rather than a set-back.
So, thanks Steph for releasing me from the responsibility of busting my ass at that damnable agency!

Time to focus on "Hoodie Ninja Photography and Events!! "

One other thing;

I understand that DT (Dirty Talk VSL) is Steph's life blood, it's her SL as WELL AS her RL, but if one cannot make it while weeding away the bad and keeping the good...then you're NOT someone I want to work for!  So, keep your fucking Arradon, Danger and Addi...keep'm and stuff'm up your ass! I think its high time you stopped worrying about who you're going to fuck next because you chew them up so quickly and maybe focus more on how to keep GOOD PEOPLE on your staff!! Hint: GET RID OF THE TROUBLE MAKERS! They might fill rooms, but ultimately you're loosing over-all income because the big donators HATE THEM!

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