Friday, November 14, 2014

I did something I was nervous about doing. I showed him my blog here.
I wasn't sure how he'd react, there are so many posts about Royce when we were together and so few about Drayper. Not that Drayper doesn't effect me the way Royce did, but he doesn't...and that's not a bad thing at all.
In fact, I'm grateful for it.
As I mentioned, our relationship is completely different than that of mine with Royce. Its grounding, affirming, caring and with a safe distance that allows us to explore more freely that I've been able to before.
Drayper and I never expected to find anyone we would be close to in SL. At the time we met I had resolved myself to never having the kind of relationship Royce and I had again. I didn't want the emotional attachment anymore. My own RL had recently fallen apart and  I was still reeling from how it affected me and where I was going with my RL.  Drayper has been a constant supporter of my decisions since then. He boosts my esteem when I'm feeling low or stressed out. What we're able to share of our desires reminds me I'm still the same sexual being I've always been.
He asked me today if I've ever fantasized how things would go if we ever were to meet IRL, not that we would or have any desire to do so. I let him know, I never have. I won't.
Royce did something when we were together that knocked me so far off balance that I swore I'd never let myself get sucked that deeply into the fantasy that I couldn't see reality anymore.
SL isn't a replacement for an RL for me. Its a diversion, a release. a creative extension.
My relation with Drayper, although no longer in SL is yet another extension of the same. Its our release and escape from reality.
We're both firmly grounded in our RL's and have no intention of ever meeting IRL. We both know how that can have the potential to screw up everything.
I have to say, I'm happily content with how our relationship has grown, where its taking us and how we have both feet firmly planted on the ground.

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