Thursday, October 16, 2014

Damn, I really miss being in my fantasy world.
SL can be so alluring and so distracting.
Luckily I've managed to keep a great relationship with my current SL partner even outside of our virtual world. Granted, its still a fantasy but the friendship is real enough.
What's so unreal to me is the fantasy roles we've chosen to continue even outside our virtual world. The Dominant and submissive roles sexually but equals as friends and partners.
I so enjoy our encounters regardless of content or context.  We allow each other to delve into our desires just as much as we pick each other's brains.
Most often we tend to chat about anything and everything. Venting everyday frustrations and caring about each other's real life woes and joys. Its those not as frequent dips into those sexual fantasies that reminds us how close we really are regardless of context.
Its strange how we met, stranger still how we found our own way of expressing our sexual desires. Not the typical D/s relationship at all. He recalls the first time I offered my hands to him, wrists held together while I was kneeling in front of him in his chair. He was taking off his tie and I slipped off his lap and offered my wrists to him. He was stunned and completely aroused by the gesture. Since that defining moment our sexual context has developed into one of complete and mutual respect, care and passion.
He's said often how my submission to him took him off guard, he hadn't expected it at all. Even though I'd told him of my submissive nature, even so he took on the role as my Dominant with an ease and gentleness that I have never encountered before. Yes, when in SL I do wear a collar. Not the typical dog collar but one with wings of a raven. It signifies my freedom and my own intelligence. Just as the raven is one of the most intelligent birds, able to remember faces, events, solve puzzles and even invent games. With my Darling, I am free. When I submit to him, he lifts me above all others and allows me to spread my wings. Always aware he is there to safely guide me to the next level. A journey we are taking together.

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