Sunday, June 3, 2012

Never knew you'd be this important to me

I find myself stunned at just how much I miss him.
Just when I think I can live my SLife without him he shows up and all those feelings for him come rushing back.
I start to flirt with someone or try to accept that he's gone and out of the blue his name pops up on my screen and I drop everything to spend what little time he has with him. I ignore IM's from others, tell those I'm talking to I'll talk to them later, focus my entire world around him.
Yeah, I got it bad.
What sucks the most is he showed up on a Friday night and I know he's never around on weekends so he had limited time - did we say what needed to be said? No.
Did I ask him if he was there just to see if it "felt weird"? No.
Did I ask him if he was coming back? No.
Did I ask him if he wanted me to wait for him? No.
I just asked him to hold me and never let go...
He never did...

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